How to stop comparing yourself with others?

We all have a question that “How to stop comparing ourselves to others”. 
To get this answer we must know why do we compare ourselves with others. Somehow we all are the victim of comparison. All of us compare ourselves with others having a better car lifestyle, job, friends, appearance or it may be a reputation and many more things. Why do we do that? Is comparison necessary to grow? we will get the answer until the end… ________________________________________________
Now here are the points we are going to discuss… 1. From where it started? 2. Why do we compare      when we are adults? 3. What are the negative aspects of comparison? 4. What are the positive aspects of comparison? 5. How to stop being demotivated after comparing ourselves with others? ________________________________________________
1.From where it started? Today we all are obsessed with comparison, but, we’re not born with this obsession. As a child we were happy with ourselves, we loved our uniqueness.

Mentality- An essential element of personality

Boy 1- Have you seen Tanisha these days? She has transformed herself.  Boy 2- What was so special about her? She always wears decent clothes. That’s what I love about her. Boy 1- That’s what is different. She started wearing exotic dresses. Nowadays she is the topic for chitchat in college. Boy 2- Does anyone observed her when she wears decent clothes? Boy 1- Amm, never... Boy 2- Maybe that’s why she changed herself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, I hope you had read the above conversation between two friends. So, my question to you is why don’t we observe or give attention to girls, not only girls, to anyone, who lives as they are. Who doesn’t use any artificial aid to look different from what they actually are...
Why don’t we give importance to things as they are naturally?
Is it necessary to expose yourself to get attention? Is it necessary to be fake to get attention? If you have any logical reason behind these questions, pleas…

Life is not about constant happiness

Happiness..why do we always look for it in everything we do?
Happiness.. we do we consider it as the most important and positive part of life?
What does happiness really mean?
Happiness may be a feeling of satisfaction.
Happiness may be a sign of achievement.
We hope to have only happiness in our life... Is it possible?  Is it right? Will it solve the problems?
Let us compare both the situations our desired one and the reality.
In our desired situation... We want only happiness in our life. It sounds great, right?
But... Do you think happiness will remain that important if you can get it without putting your efforts? For one thing, to be important in your life it must be worth struggling, compromising and sacrificing your desires, time and money. If you start getting happiness and pleasure from everything happens to you, then the meaning of happiness will lose its importance and its worth.  It will become something which happens usually to you without putting any effort. Things that …

Do you Expect?

At the end of the day, every one of us feels disappointed by something or someone.
Just because we expect?

Some of us trust others easily, some of us help others going out of the box and some of us sacrifice our happiness for others. In the end, we all EXPECT to get the same in return. But when it does not go according to us we feel disappointed, sometimes from others for not returning us the same and sometimes from ourselves for investing much.
 "If You're Expecting Something in Return, It's Not Really "Giving", Is It? "
Most of the time we judge people if they are good or bad based on if they are fulfilling our expectations or not. Until a person is fulfilling our expectations we find it good but as they fail in fulfilling our expectations the same person is no more good.
We as human beings do not like disappointments. Whenever we face disappointment we try to find someone else to blame for not fulfilling our expecta…

Face the "NO"

Hello everyone!!
The majority of peoples deny performing a task because they have a fear of being rejected or a fear of being a matter of fun for others. This fear of insecurity pulls you back from achieving what you really deserve. There are no limits for anyone to achieve.

 "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently"
We people basically loose or defeat because of a fact that we don't know ourselves..we don't know our own potentials. We doubt ourselves regularly. We doubt ourselves in what we do. No matter either we are giving a presentation or proposing our loved once for the first time, we doubt ourselves. We have a default mindset that we can't do anything right or perfectly for the first time. OK, that's a bitter truth that nobody can be perfect without experience. But the thing is to give your 100% for the first time. After facing that situation, all of us regret that we were able to give more but we didn&…